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Ingo Schulze


Ingo Schulze was born in Dresden in 1962 and also spent his youth in the city. After obtaining his "Abitur" school leaving certificate and completing one and a half years of basic military service, he studied classical philology and German language and literature in Jena from 1983-88. Subsequently, he worked as a dramatic adviser at the Landestheater Altenburg. He founded the "Altenburger Wochenblatt" weekly paper in 1990 and went on to found the "Priwet Peterburg" advertising paper in St. Petersburg in 1993. He has been living in Berlin since 1993 with his second wife, literary scholar Jutta Müller-Tamm. They have two daughters.

His debut "33 Moments of Happiness" was published in 1995. Additional works are the novel "Simple Stories", published in 1998, "New Lives" (novel), published in 2005, "Handy (Cell phone)" (collection of stories), published in 2007, "Adam and Evelyn" (novel), published in 2008, "Oranges and Angel" (collection of stories), published in 2010, and "Peter Holtz" (novel), published in 2017. He has also written numerous essays and speeches, such as "Was wollen wir? (What do we want?)" (2009/2011) and "Our Beautiful New Clothes. Against a Market-Conforming Democracy and For a Democracy-Conforming Market" (2012).

He has received several national and international awards. His books have been translated into thirty languages, and he is a member of the "Academy of Arts" (Berlin) and the "German Academy for Language and Literature".

Photo: Gaby Gerster