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Mercedes Echerer

Actress, moderator, politician

The actress worked amongst other things at the Volkstheater Wien, at the theatres in Josefstadt, Vienna, Frankfurt, L’inoui Luxembourg, Here Theatre NYC and had numerous roles in international film and TV-productions. She moderated various broadcasts like "Kunst-Stücke", "Prix Ars Electronica" or "Café Sonntag".

From 1999 until 2004 Mercedes Echerer was a Member of the European Parlament. Back in Vienna she founded EU XXL Film, an European platform for creatives, started to produce audiobooks and worked again at the theatre as well as in film and television. Mercedes Echerer enjoys exquisite fragrances, a good glas of wine and loves poetry. She is on tour regularly with her special solo program in the German-speaking area.

Photo: Roman Picha