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Prof. Dr. Malte Stieper

Martin-Luther-Universität Halle-Wittenberg

Malte Stieper, born in 1974, has held the Gundling Professorship of Civil, Intellectual Property and Competition Law at the Martin-Luther-University Halle-Wittenberg since 2010. He studied law at Kiel University and at the University of Surrey/UK. He received his habilitation with a paper on Justification, Legal Nature and Overridability of Copyright Limitations (“Rechtfertigung, Rechtsnatur und Disponibilität der Schranken des Urheberrechts“) in 2009. His research specializes, inter alia, in the development of a copyright framework for the communication and transfer of information within the European Single Market. Recent publications include a commentary on the limitations of copyright (§§ 44a ff. UrhG) and the neighbouring right for news publishers (§§ 87f ff. UrhG), as well as articles on the copyright assessment of internet platforms (ZUM 2017, 132) and the legal classification of the online distribution of digital works (FS Schulze 2017, 107). He is a member of the GRUR Expert Committee for Copyright and Publishing Law (German Association for the Protection of Industrial Property and Copyright) and also of ALAI Germany (Association Littéraire et Artistique Internationale).

Photo: Norbert Kaltwaßer